Crosswords for Grammar Practice

I’m not really a crossword person, mostly because there’s always something that I don’t know, so I always get stuck with a blank field here and there. But I think crosswords are great for practicing pretty much anything in a foreign language. Vocabulary comes as a natural choice, but grammar can be done in this way too. Your students won’t feel as stressed as they would if you only gave them a worksheet with sentences to fill in and if you give them a time limit and promise a certain reward for those who finish first – they’ll even maybe start liking grammar.

What I had in mind for my crossword worksheets are irregular verbs in past simple. We all know how dull it can get learning these things by heart, but if you introduce it in a more creative way, you can make it a lot easier for them. They will probably only think about filling out the whole crossword and while doing that they won’t feel like they are practicing irregular verbs. 

I made 3 different crossword puzzles for this purpose, each one different from the rest, but mostly the same verbs are used. This also gives you a lot of opportunities for class organization – just be creative! You can even use this as a quiz at the beginning of the lesson (but keep in mind that correcting it might not be so fun).

The crosswords were made online, of course, and among many of the websites that serve this purpose, I find this one to be the best. On this site you can also make a word search, letter tiles, cryptograms and many more.

So, here you go and make your students like grammar! 


  1. wow. the crossword is really a good one . really appreciate your efforts for posting. will be back for a new one.

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    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate all the feedback I can get :)


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