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Not so long ago, I had some problems with studying because I couldn't concentrate and my motivation was nonexistent, so I tried to find something that would help me. And I was really lucky. I found a channel on YouTube called Study Music Project, which contains some instrumental music that is supposed to help you while studying. Numerous comments underneath the videos say that it really works, so I decided to give it a try. And I have to say that I liked it a lot. I just let the music play silently in the background and focused on my studying and somehow it became easier. 

So what exactly is so special about this music? Here is was the official site of the Project says:

The Study Music Project is an online musical experiment, founded by Dennis Kuo, a biochemistry major and music history minor at UCLA dedicated to compose, create, and produce music solely to enhance the student’s studying experience. The mission and vision of the Study Music Project is to provide students with the ultimate study music, invoking focus, clarity, relaxation, and concentration, while at the same time, attempt to collect some statistical data of the effectiveness of the music.

Every single piece of music from the Study Music Project is instrumental and possesses the optimal beats per measure (bpm), instrumentation, timbre, and melodies to help you focus. Study Music Project fuses classical, piano, jazz, electronic, hip hop, and ethnomusical elements to create a brand new genre of study music.


I don't know if this will work for you, but try it out and let me know what you think! You can use this is your classroom while your students are doing something on their own or suggest using this music while studying at home. If you let the whole playlist from the Study Music Project play, you'll get more than an hour of different music and study space.

When it comes to music in the classroom in general, I think that it's very important to play music without lyrics because your students will start to sing and won't pay attention to their actual task. This, of course, applies when you use music only in the background. 

Also, always adjust the volume to the situation in the classroom, it's better to have it play silently than rocking their heads out. If your students tell you that they don't like it, then stop it immediately. There is no use of music in this sense if it actually disturbs them.

So, how do like this type of music? Do you use music in your classes?


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