Dictionary Scavenger Hunt

Two days ago as I published the post about Scavenger Hunt I remembered that it could also be used for dictionaries. Most of the students don't really know all the ways in which a dictionary can be used, so doing a Scavenger Hunt activity with it can be very helpful. They usually think that dictionaries are just books in which you can find a translation of a certain word and have no clue about all the synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, variations, multiple meanings, parts of speech a word can belong to, historical connotations and origins, idioms, collocations, etc. 

You should just copy a page of your favorite dictionary (monolingual, of course) and ask questions about things that can be found there. This way your students will get to know everything dictionaries can offer.

Example of such an activity can be found here. (Keep in mind that this activity is for users who already have some linguistic knowledge.)

How do you introduce dictionaries to your students? 

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