Find Someone Who

We have finally come to an end with these get-to-know-you activities and the last one I’ll present is the well known “FIND SOMEONE WHO”. What you do is hand out worksheets with some statements to your students. What they should do is mingle around the classroom and find someone who matches the statements given.  When they are all done, they read the statements out loud and name the students who match them. 

This can also be a great starting point for some follow-up get-to-know-you activities (maybe even some of those mentioned in my previous posts). You can also ask the students to “prove” their abilities (e.g. if someone can do a French braid, let them do it; or if someone plays a musical instrument – ask them which one, for how long etc.)

You can do this with any kind of statements, just be creative and adapt it to your learners’ level.  The important thing, though, is not to give statements which can be matched with a person based on their looks, since this will prevent students from speaking. The worksheet that I created can be found here, so feel free to use it anytime. 

Alternative version to this activity can be a Bingo activity. You can use the same statements, just put them in a form of a table and distribute the sheets among the students. They should find the people matching the statements as quickly as possible and write their names in the boxes. Once they have a whole row or a column filled with names, they should shout: “Bingo!” and they have won. The rest of the students should continue playing.

You can download the example Bingo sheets from here.

Have you already prepared some get-to-know-you activities for your students? Did you find the ones on my blog useful?


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