Useful Classroom Vocabulary

In this post, I’ll present something very useful for your everyday classroom work. I adapted the materials which were kindly given to me by my friend Anđela, who is just starting out as a teacher of English and German as foreign languages. (Best of luck, my dear friend!)

So, what are these materials about?

Well, we as language teachers, except from the language knowledge and classroom management have to be able to react quickly and in an appropriate way. If you are teaching only in the foreign language, some of those reactions might not always be the most accurate. There are numerous situations in which our language knowledge shows its real face, so not to say something unfitting or completely wrong, here is a list of possible situations and what you should say when you want to deal with them. There is also a list of useful phrases and sentences, which can be used in classroom and are very often influenced by our first language. Make sure to master these.

I know this might sound a bit over the top, but for us, who are non-native speakers of the languages we teach it is important to be as accurate as possible even when something takes us by surprise.  

Have you ever had any awkward situations in the classroom caused by wrong use of certain language structures? How did you deal with them? Do you find these lists helpful?


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