Paper Snowball

A paper snowball is a great prop for revising vocabulary. I made an activity with a paper snowball when I had to prepare revision of numbers, but it can be used for anything else. You just have to print or write certain words, numbers etc. on separate sheets of paper, each sheet containing one word, number, etc. Then you start forming a snowball. First you crumple one sheet of paper as much as you can. Than you wrap another one around it and crumple it as well. You continue doing that with the rest of the paper until you wrap everything and it looks like a snowball. 

Tell your students to stand in a circle and start throwing the snowball to each other. Each student that catches it has to unfold one paper, show it to the rest of the class, read the word out loud and then translate it, or use it in a sentence, or explain what it means or whatever you want them to do. Make sure to explain how to throw a ball inside the classroom beforehand and make the letters of the words visible to everyone (bear in mind that the circle might get pretty wide depending on the number of your students).

This method is very cheap and you can recycle the materials and it won't take more than 10 minutes to make them.

How do you usually revise vocabulary? Do you think throwing a ball in a classroom is a good idea?


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