The Book Depository

I’m sure you’ve all probably noticed the banners on my blog, which lead you to the Book Depository web site if you click on them. Now it’s time to tell you something more about that. I decided to put them out there for you to notice this amazing online bookstore because I’ve been their returning customer for a very long time and I absolutely love their service.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

About The Book Depository
The Book Depository is the UK's largest dedicated online bookseller, offering the largest range of titles in the world, available for dispatch within 48 hours. Founded in 2004 to make 'All Books To All' we focus on selling 'less of more' rather than 'more of less', differentiating ourselves from other retailers who increasingly focus on bestsellers. 

Free Worldwide Delivery
The Book Depository is an international bookseller shipping our books free of charge, worldwide, to over 100 countries. By working with various world postal authorities and other carriers, we are always looking to add more countries to this list.

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

You can find any kind of literature you want on their site and at much lower prices than you would find them in your local book store as well as many reviews, information about bestsellers, fast movers, books of the week etc.  The books I’ve ordered so far were always on time and flawless.  (It takes them about a week to arrive to Croatia.)

With all that said, I would totally recommend trying out purchasing any kind of books on the Book Depository. Here are just some links to the web site, which might be interesting for you if you read my blog (just click on the name).


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