The Number Challenge Game

I think that the easiest way to learn something is if you have fun while doing it. That’s why this post is about a game of numbers for young learners, which can be adapted to any level and any topic. While playing this game, students develop their competitive spirit and practice naming numbers. They also practice speaking, counting and receiving instructions.

All you need is some cardboard paper, some colorful marker pens, scissors and about an hour of your free time to make this board game. First of all, think of all the different tasks for your students – they could count, they could name numbers, they could count backwards, they could even do some TPR activities while doing all that stuff. When you figure out what you want them to do, make little cards with challenges and questions and color-code them. After that just think of a design of the actual board, draw in the shapes, color it according to the cards and write down the instructions.

For playing you’ll need: game board, instructions, skittles, dice and cards. 

You can see my version of the game in the pictures and here you can download the instructions and cards with challenges (you’ll just have to make the ones with numbers on triangles and squares by yourself). Feel free to use the game and let me know how it went. :)


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