Visual Statements

Remember my blog post about creative writing activities, where your students have to connect the titles of their favorite songs into a story? Well, besides their favorite song titles you can use visual statements, which can be found everywhere on the internet. 

Some of my favorite web-sites for this are:

You can also use these to teach your students how English language functions in terms of irony and sarcasm (someecards). If they are longer you can tell them to write a story about what a visual statement is saying. Or you can make a bigger project where your students write their impressions about learning English on a poster and incorporate some visual statements in their stories, so you end up with a "picture story" of some sort.

Another idea is to use visual statements that have to do with English language in specific, so your students feel more at ease if something you are teaching is difficult to understand or just to direct their attention to how beautiful and versatile this language is. I also think it's great to start or finish each class with an inspiring visual statement so that your students get motivated for your class or the whole day. 

Here is the list of some web-sites with interesting facts about the English language - I'm sure your students would love to know them. These are not visual statements but you can make your own with these facts.



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