Thursday, March 14, 2013

True / False Flags

I'm still pretty busy, but yesterday I spent the whole day doing this DIY project for my practicum, so I just wanted to share what I made with you.

I had to hold a class to 6th graders and I wanted to amp it up a bit because the topic wasn't very interesting. Therefore, I decided to create these true / false flags for the students to use during a typical true/false activity. I read some statements connected to the text we were working on and they had to raise a "T" flag if a statement was correct and an "F" flag if it was false. They were ecstatic when they saw the flags, so if you have some free time, try spending it on creating them, your students will love you and you'll be able to reuse them for sure.

So, you'll need the following:
- some long and thick straws in two colors
- some paper in two colors
- scissors
- glue
- ruler
- markers