Free Writing

I’m not really a good writer, especially when it comes to creative writing, so it’s no surprise that I hated the lessons in which we had to come up with and write a story or something similar. Free writing is a method that can help your students deal with similar feelings and practice creative writing. 

Students are asked to write about something for 5 minutes without break, without thinking about the process, no grammar awareness is needed and it is not graded. They choose whether they are ready to share the written with the others after the 5 minutes have passed. 

So the rules are:
  1. you continue your writing before the time is up
  2. you do not evaluate the quality of the text itself, but just the ideas
  3. you ignore the spelling rules
  4. after 5 minutes give them one more minute to finish, because good ideas come under pressure
At first it might be difficult to write about anything, so you could give them a topic, as simple as “a chair” or “a window”. But avoid doing it if you can because the purpose of free writing is to write about the first thing that comes to your mind, even if it’s: “I have no idea what to write about. What a stupid activity, I wish I could be in my bed now, sleeping...”

Try doing this activity as often as possible, so that your students get into routine of writing. And have fun, of course!


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