Types of People

A few days ago I found this handout with words for different types of people that can be great for vocabulary enriching. Your students should use a dictionary to find what the unfamiliar words mean and then use the words in sentences. Best thing would be if they could connect the words to themselves, which is one of the most common affective strategies. 

Tell them to use a word that begins with the capital letter of their names as follows: “I’m Anna and I’m an assessor.” The rest of the class should describe what an assessor is using a sentence: “Anna is a person, who…” It could also be done the other way around – a student describes him-/herself and then the rest of the class has to guess the word. This can be done in groups and in pairs. 

You can find the key to the handout here.

Do you use affective strategies when teaching? Does it work?


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