About Me

My name is Eva and I am a university graduated teacher. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in English and German Language and Literature and a Master's degree in Education, for which I graduated summa cum laude. I am fully certified to teach EFL/ESL and DaF/DaZ. I started this blog to show the world some of my ideas for creative language teaching and to inspire other teachers to make their classes as interesting and as versatile as possible. You'll find a lot of different ideas on this blog and I hope some of them will be helpful for your needs.

At the moment (November 2015), I am travelling the world and have switched the standard language teaching setting for an online one. And I have to say I've been thoroughly enjoying it. If you need language lessons in English, German or Croatian contact me here. Also, if you need help with class preparation and lesson planning, feel free to get in touch through the same link.

Thanks a lot for visiting :)